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Our busy lives often mean that our health takes a back seat to more pressing priorities. With increased pressures on our Healthcare system, the limited availability of GP appointments and long waiting times can make being proactive about your health a challenge.

While it's common to wait until symptoms are advanced before seeing a doctor, early intervention can contribute to a faster recovery and avoidance of more serious complications down the track.

Our health clinics offer advice, information and screening to help tackle our community's most pressing health concerns. Our monthly clinics include:

Cardiovascular Clinic, Healthy Lung Clinic, Weight Management Clinic, and a Sleep Apnoea Clinic at our Elsternwick store. We also run a yearly Flu Vaccination Clinic before the onset of the flu season.

So contact your local Community Pharmacy to begin taking control of your health today.


Our Healthy Community Awareness & Information Clinics can alert you to health risks.

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Flu Vaccinations

In Australia, absenteeism due to influenza costs businesses more than two billion dollars each year.

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Healthy Lungs (Coming Soon!)

Our Healthy Community Awareness & Information Clinic can help you manage your asthma & allergies.

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Managing your medication made easy. Review and discuss the best ways to manage and get the most out of your medicine.

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At Community Pharmacy we support a holistic approach to health care so we provide an in-store Naturopathy service.

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We’ll assess your hearing and advise what you should do next.

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Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea doesn't just disturb your partners sleep, it can be harmful to you too.

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Weight Management

Our Weight Loss Clinics provide a mechanism for weekly "weigh-ins", measurement and goal setting.

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