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Traditionally when we think of our local pharmacy the main words that spring to mind are things such as script, or medication. The pharmacist will be seen poking their head out from behind the computer, they will dispense your script and send you on your way. A necessary service for sure, but what more could you be gaining from your pharmacy visit?

What if the pharmacist came out from behind the computer and had a chat with you about the best way to use your medications? Checked your blood pressure? Your cholesterol? At community pharmacy our pharmacists are trained to provide all of these services and many more.

At Community Pharmacy group we are endeavouring to provide more for our patients and improve their health outcomes in the process. We encourage you to pop into your local store and discover more about what your pharmacist can do for you. Just a few examples are:

Meds Checks

Your local pharmacist is definitely the expert when it comes to your medications. In store a pharmacists is always available to spend time reviewing your medications and can inform you of the best ways and times to take them and if there are any interactions between them. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to pick the pharmacist’s brain if you have any concerns about your medication or experiencing any side effects.


Every month, our pharmacies run a new and exciting clinic for our patients. The topic changes monthly, but will focus on a different health condition that affects a large number of our patients. E.g. Heart health, Diabetes, Flu shots

The clinics are one on one and very interactive. It’s the perfect opportunity to check in on how things are going for you with a certain health concern, as the pharmacist will have the tools available to check things such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s also a great way to find out more information about a certain disease and what you could be doing to improve your results. During the clinic, you will have the pharmacist’s undivided attention so it’s also a perfect time to throw any curly questions you may their way!

Check in at your local Community Pharmacy to see what the health clinic of the month is!

In store talks

These happen once a month and will provide information across the year on varying topics. E.g. Back to school tips (head lice, etc), Heart health and Women’s health. They are a great way to gain helpful hints on different health conditions and what products in store may assist you.

Weight loss Programs

One on one time is spent with you to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Someone is available to measure and weigh you each week to help you stay on track and provide the support and advice necessary to really see results

Sleep Apneoa

Sleep Apnoea doesn’t just disturb yours and others sleep, it can be harmful for your health too. If left untreated it can lead to some serious health concerns such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity and hypertension.

If you are concerned about sleep apnoea, Community Pharmacy offers a convenient and cost-effective test – with no need for doctor’s referrals, costly specialist appointments and overnight stays in hospital.

These are just a few examples to go along with the abundance of other services we regularly provide such as: Webster packs to aid medication dosing, blood pressure monitoring, National Diabetes services, Home medication reviews, deliveries, beauty talk and demonstrations and so much more.

At Community pharmacy we want to make sure we provide the best customer service and meet all of your health and beauty needs. So we challenge you, head to your nearest store today and discover more about what your pharmacist can do for you!


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