Have you had your flu shot?

Did you know that flu sick days cost Australian businesses two billion dollars each year? Flu thrives in the office environment and this winter one in four of your employees may become infected.

Vaccination provides the most efficient and cost effective way to stop the flu from spreading at your work. Arranging for your employees to be vaccinated makes them feel valued and is a relatively small price to pay for protecting your businesses' productivity. And as a member of our local community, Community Pharmacy offers a local business discount of 10% per vaccination - that's just $22.50 per employee. There are also various payment options available so please speak to your local pharmacy manager to find out more.

And if you're a mum on the go you really can't afford the down time required to battle the flu. While you've probably considered a flu shot for your child, have you considered vaccinating yourself?

It takes less than 20 minutes from your busy day to protect yourself from the most common flu strains this winter. Children 6 and over can also be vaccinated.

Cost: Flu shots cost $25 with a 10% discount to members.

*Patients with allergies to eggs should consult their GP before being vaccinated.

To find out more or to book an appointment,
contact your local Community Pharmacy.

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