Winter is on the way!

Winter is on the way and if you're dreading the colds, flus and other unpleasant side effects of the cold chill out! You can be proactive and start 'winter-proofing' yourself and your family right now with the following prevention and treatment tips.

It's natural to reach for comfort foods when it's chilly out, so try to stick to a nutritionally balanced diet. Vitamins, minerals and other supplements may also help by ensuring you are getting all that your body needs to stay healthy and assist in treating other ailments brought on by cold weather conditions.

A strong immune system is the first line of defence against nasty bugs. Vitamin C and Zinc may help by reducing the duration and severity of colds and providing relief from coughs and sniffles.

Echinacea also supports our immune system by helping to increase the number of white blood cells. Other beneficial supplements include horseradish, olive leaf and garlic.

Vitamin D is vital for good bone health and development, nervous system and immune system function, and also in the regulation of hormones and normal cell growth and maturation. As Vitamin D is mostly manufactured through our skin's contact with the sun, supplements can help boost flagging Vitamin D levels in Winter.

Our hands and feet can also suffer during winter - becoming cold and uncomfortable. Supporting good blood circulation with supplements such as Omega-3 (found in fish oil), the herb Ginkgo Biloba and Vitamin E can help avoid those frozen toes and icy fingers. Rememer to stay active no matter what the weather says!

Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and joint pain can worsen during cold weather. This can affect the hips, knees, elbows, shoulders and hands. Glucosamine and Chondroitin may help to reduce joint pain and inflammation and improve joint function and mobility.

Omega-3 can also help to maintain joint health and mobility, reducing the inflammation associated with arthritis. Capsaicin, an ingredient found in different hot peppers, when applied externally in a cream may help to provide temporary relief from joint pain.

Whatever the season it is important to only choose supplements based on your specific dietary and health needs. And remember that some supplements and herbal treatments should not be taken in conjunction with certain medications.

Your Pharmacist or Naturopath can help you to select the right supplements for you and your family. We now offer an in-store Naturopathy service for treatment and advice on keeping well in the cold.

Our Flu Vaccination Clinics are a great way to protect you and your family against the most common flu strains this Winter.

Visit your local store to find out more.

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