Silly Season

Surviving the Silly Season!

Written by Simone Hirst
Community Pharmacy

Here we are again already, another year is nearly over, the shops are playing Christmas carols, kids have nearly finished school, social activities are in full swing and the sun is finally starting to shine! This time of year is a busy time for everyone and keeping up such a hectic schedule means that we sometimes forget to maintain our health. At Community Pharmacy we are here for you, have a read of our handy tips below to help you survive the Silly Season!!

Exercise & Sleep

Two of the most important things to try and remember are exercise & sleep. Starting your day with a quick walk, some stretching or meditation will help get both your mind and body ready for the day ahead. Similarly ending your day with a good 8 hours sleep will set you up for the next day. Try to fit in as many early nights as possible on the nights that you don’t have anything on!

Some Community Pharmacies offer a walking club throughout the summer months – register your interest with your local store.


Over indulgence is common at this time of year, but everything can be enjoyed in moderation. Look at portion control of things such as fatty foods and deserts.

Keep up your exercise routine.

Have a plan in place for the New Year, we can help set your goals and monitor your weight with weekly consultations or weight loss plans in store. See your Pharmacist for more information.

Stress & Anxiety

Not everybody finds this time of year a joyous occasion. Many suffer from loneliness and others don’t cope with the hectic pace, either way there are things to do to help.

There are many charities and organisations that hold events or offer help for those in their local community who require either financial assistance or may be looking for company over the Festive Season. Try looking up your local council or church or larger organisations such as The Salvation Army and St Vincent De Paul who may be able to point in you in the right direction for some local assistance.

If you find the pace of this time too much, then take a step back and evaluate your schedule. Do you need to be at everything? Can you go for a short time and then leave? There are many natural alternatives to help you cope with stress. Pop in and chat to your Pharmacist or Naturopath and see what they can suggest. We can also check your blood pressure while you are in store.

Fun in the Sun

Now that the weather is heating up, and we are participating in more outside activities remember to prepare for the warmer weather. Be aware of your elderly neighbours, children & those with health conditions as these are the people that can be the most vulnerable to the heat.

Things to remember;

  • Protect yourself from harmful UV rays by using a 50+ sunscreen, wearing a hat and covering up or staying out of the sun in the hottest part of the day.
  • Stay hydrated – remember to drink extra water on warm days. If you are drinking alcohol alternate with water in between drinks.
  • Use a cool face washer on the back of the neck to help cool yourself down.
  • If exercising – try to do so early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not at its strongest.
  • The team at Community Pharmacy would like to wish all of our customers a happy, healthy and safe Festive Season and look forward to seeing you all in in store in 2016.
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