Time To Quit

Time To Quit

Written by Simone Hirst
Community Pharmacy

Quitting Smoking for many is top of their New Year’s resolutions list, but for some it is easier said than done. Smoking has both mental & physical barriers that need to be overcome & for most it has been a part of their lifestyle for many, many years. One of the most important things to overcome is that you need to be mentally ready for the challenge & throwing all your eggs into one basket with the 1st of January as your quit date is not necessarily the answer, however starting the process towards quitting is!

Some interesting statistics about smoking:

  • Around one in four smokers have tried to change their smoking habits 10 or more times.1 Although this may seem like an overwhelming statistic, each attempt is another positive step towards quitting.
  • According to a survey, on average smokers smoke their first cigarette at the age of 16.1 That means if you try to quit smoking in your mid-30s, for example, you're likely to have developed a strong habit.
  • Only 7% of smokers have never tried to change their smoking habit, so you're not alone in wanting to be smoke-free. You just need to find the method that suits you.1

The amount of information and options for quitting can be overwhelming and confusing. At Community Pharmacy our Pharmacists and staff are trained to help you achieve your goal of quitting. They can help you decide what the best option is for you whether it be patches, tablets sprays etc. If setbacks arrive they can offer you support and advice.

There are other symptoms that may occur for some people along the Quit Smoking journey, weight gain, sleep and anxiety are some of the common ones, however these can all be managed with the right advice and although they might be a hurdle they shouldn’t be a barrier to quitting. We also offer weight management clinics instore.

Whatever your story please come in and speak to one of Community Pharmacy’s friendly Pharmacists we’re here to help.


1. https://www.nicabate.com.au/whys-quitting-so-tricky-find-out-the-cold-hard-facts.aspx

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